Recover, Boost and Protect Your Production

Our digital product package will help you ramp back up to full production while keeping you and your employees safe. 

Many of you are either in the planning phases or right in the middle of restarting your production. The present challenge of safely returning workers to facilities and manufacturing floors is compounded by the pressure to get back on track ASAP without any further interruptions.

To help you return to work smoothly, we decided to offer 50% off on one of our most popular digital solutions: The SW-CloudPlatform (SWCP). Today’s blog is about this offer and how it will help your production not only recover from the downtime caused by the Covid-19 shutdowns but also to thrive in the long run. 

Let’s take a look at the benefits:

  • We can solve your machine problems quickly and securely online

As everyone in manufacturing knows, issues can occur at any point – when starting machines, running the first parts or just over time. Right now, you want to minimize these risks because you want the fewest possible external service technicians having to come in to help your team. Ideally, you’d avoid it entirely.

Our product reduces the need for such visits. By connecting your machine to the SWCP our experienced SW Service Technicians can help you remotely in a fast and secure way.

Speaking of security: Your data is protected with SWCP. Each gateway is configured according to customer firewall settings. Show your IT team the information under 'Our Secure Data Commitment', they will be impressed! 

Mitigating the need for service visit’s will not only make it safer for your team right now, but also save you money in the long run. If we replace only two onsite visits per year by solving issues over the phone, you will save (in the US) approximately $8,600 USD. That’s significantly more than what the SWCP costs, even before the 50% discount!


  • You are in more control

The SWCP provides easy access to machine data, which will help you keep an overview of your production with the status and availability of each machine from wherever you are (making it easy to work from home). You will also be able to plan service calls ahead of time, thereby avoiding the risk of a failure leading to unanticipated machine downtime. Utilizing the data will increase machine availability. 

We strategically developed our digital product to prioritize these benefits. The bottom line: You will boost your productivity, ultimately resulting in more parts and more profit.



Does this sound like it could help you? Then let’s take a closer look at the offer!
There are 2 parts to the offer: DIGITAL-20:

  1. 50 % OFF for the one-time purchase on the hardware (IoT-Gateway)
  2. 50% OFF of the first annual user fee

The Digital-20 Code is valid worldwide until December 31st 2020.

To get pricing information, please send an e-mail to your SW Sales Contact or open the flyer below for more information.


Our Secure Data Commitment

As we mentioned previously in our discussion about benefits, each gateway is configured according to unique customer firewall settings.

Furthermore, any communication between the IoT-Gateway and the Cloud is TLS-encrypted. There is no bidirectional machine communication in the SW CloudPlatform.

SW can only access your data remotely for support purposes and only with your express permission. You can interrupt connection at any time. All access is HTTPS-based and protected by login and unique session PINs.

As yet another safeguard, there is a one-month (or 100GB) data buffer, should the connection between the IoT gateway and the CloudPlatform fail. However, as technology develops, we always want to bring you up to speed. Therefore, you can expect patches and upgrades to ensure that the benefits of the CloudPlatform are continually growing.

To learn more about the our internationally certified cloud infrastructure contact your reginal point of contact, which you can find in the Flyers below.


Security Concept


All you need to do is get started.

We’re going to help you. We understand the toll that Covid-19 has taken on manufacturing. Like we said, it’s time to ramp back up now. That’s why we’re offering 50% off the first year of SWCP access and the one-time hardware costs. We want you to be ready for anything and we can’t wait to help you not only get on top but stay on top as we tackle whatever challenges and opportunities the future might bring.

Find the right contact person and more about the offer by selecting the flyer for your country below. 

As always, you’re also welcome to contact us at

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay productive!





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