Welcome to the Official Blog of SW

If you are looking for a resource to learn more about high-tech products in the manufacturing industry, this will be your new go-to blog.

We will take you with us in technical deep dives into products and trends, as well as high-level decision making that will convince even the most cost-conscious purchasing manager.

Let’s get started!

What to expect:

We don’t think in problems, we think in solutions. This is the perspective from which we approach everything at SW, including this blog content. Whatever your role or career stage in manufacturing, engaging with our content will help you face challenges and thereby achieve, or even develop, your professional objectives.  

Our content will be organized into three main categories: Technology and Services, Opportunities and Outlook and Insider. Each post will additionally be tagged by keyword so you can dig deeper into our industry applications, design principles or other areas of interest.

1.Technology and Services

This category is, as you might have guessed, all about SW technology and services.

We will publish several series of posts. We have one lined up in which posts will delve into each of our specific design principles. (Check out our post about multi-spindle machining or the Monoblock).A series about our life Services is also in the works, where we will explain the distinct benefits of each of the six modules.

Technology and Services will also feature stand-alone posts such as machine spotlights and details about accessories and optional features. We will support machinists in operating SW machines with tips from our service experts.

2.Opportunities and Outlook

We have applications across many different manufacturing industries – particularly in automotive, defense, medical, aerospace and agriculture. In each of these industries we have experts that can share their expertise on trends and applications as well as best practices. There will be a lot to learn from their interviews and posts.

There will be information here for all decision makers, especially those who aren’t convinced yet. If you care about your ROI, then you’ll be interested in this section. The practical benefits of our machines and automation systems will be emphasized here and they will definitely grab your attention.


Our final category, Insider, will tell you what it means to be a part of our Technology People. You’ll get to know our culture and how it influences the workplace, our values and how we participate in our community. Our Technology People deserve their own spotlight (there’s a reason it’s part of our logo). If you think you’d like to work for us, get to know us here first.

For potential apprentices: you should really be paying attention to Insider. Our Apprentice Trainer and apprentices will chime in from time to time to share how things are going. We’re off to a great start! (We don’t have TikTok yet, but you can still check us out on Instagram.)

Stay tuned for more                                                                                

Thank you for reading this introduction to our blog. We look forward to becoming a resource for anyone interested in who we are and what we do. Is there a topic you’d like us to cover? Feel free to email us at contact.nasw-machines.com or just let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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